Welcome to my (temporarily) empty site

There are many corners on the internet, I hope I can make one of my own

What I plan to do:

  • Learn HTML
  • Learn CSS
  • Learn JavaScript
  • What is the purpose of this website?

    It's still unclear to me, perhaps I'll figure it out as I learn more

    In the meantime, here's a fun video to pass the time

    Update: As of 13/12/23 I'm still learning about HTML, I think once I get to learn about CSS I will start updating this site.
    I'm getting an idea of what the purpose of this place might be, it will be a fun way to spend my summer vacation

    Update 2: As of 21/12/23 I got to learn a bit about the styling the page! it's not much but it's good enough for me for now
    I'm still far away from starting to learn CSS but a progress is being made!. I probably will take a bit since christmas is near but I'll do
    my best.

    Happy holidays and happy new years!